Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fuel City--Great Eats--Elmer's too

It is different to work in someone else's house. I did manage to finish a few pieces over this week and I remembered to take them out to the drive way to spray them so I wouldn't stink up Laird's house. Those are the first images in this post. But next, we had to go fuel our bodies and Laird picked us up and we went to Fuel City for the most fantabulous tacos--they are a buck forty a piece and so yummy. I got 2 al pastor and 1 picadillo (they are known for that) both really good. Next time I am going with a bigger appetite and I am getting one of each of the 5 types they have. Fuel City--(I failed to take a pic--sorry) is really a truck stop down near downtown Dallas--on Industrial near the criminal courts buildings. It is very clean and very yummmy. Then, on our way back we noticed Elmer's (I did remember my camra at that point--guess I wasn't so hungry then...) They serve hot links... also very good (yes we had tacos and hot links for the same meal, but I mean, we were right there so why not?) That Guy guy on Diners and Drive-Ins and Dives has got nothing on us.

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