Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lakewood Landing

I just got back from a yummy burger and a beer at the Lakewood Landing with Rees. I can't believe we've never been there in all the years we've been coming to Dallas. So what happened was I follow this blog by Jeb and he mentioned this place a few months back. I knew I wanted to go when I was next in Dallas, which would of course be this trip. I'll be able to trust Jeb's food recommendations in the future now and that is a good thing! I spent some formative years in Chicago with corner bars on literally every corner and was surprised other cities didn't have convenient bars available --I mean you have to drive to a bar in most places--how uncool is that? We always used to walk--that way you could have the extra beer and not worry about it. But, I digress, which probably means I shouldn't post after a beer but before... sorry, dear readers. (The Lakewood was only about a couple miles from where we're staying.) Anyway, the Lakewood Landing is an awesome bar. I love the dark room, a very cool jukebox, nice people, and a great burger, although I would have liked to try the cheese fries but my sister in law didn't come with me so I couldn't split a burger with her like we do at Snuffers. Mostly, what this post is about is that Dallas does have a handful of good bars--you just have to look for them!

PS JuneBug only went swimming 3 times today.


  1. I'll be in Chicago for 3 days in June to watch the Cubs. You'll have to hook me up with some hotspots to hit.

  2. Hey, Jeb. I used to live about a 1/2 mile south of Wrigley field, between Sheffield and Halsted. I think Rees & I can probably remember a few good bars (providing they are still open, that is.)


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