Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back in Angel Fire

No pictures today, folks. The technophobe strikes again. That is right--picasa refuses to open for me and so I can't get any pictures from the camera to the computer! Maybe Rees will be able to persuade it to work later on.

We got home to the beautiful dry air of Angel Fire from our somewhat soggy Texas outing--3 shows in 3 weekends--on Monday. I spent yesterday repacking the art, reframing some pieces, packing some pieces I need to ship and generally getting ready for our next trip( I even painted a long skinny piece! which I would have posted had my persuasive powers to launch picasa been more successful) --to St. Louis and then maybe to Reston VA. That is a long way. Anyway, this weekend is the Laumeier art show in the St. Louis area. We leave for it tomorrow. I plan to take lots of barn photos while we drive. St. Louis is only 941 miles from here--just a little jaunt-not.


  1. Don't get to stay home much, do you? My tulips are blooming and I am able to throw open the studio door and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

    I have cut shows way down. Not leaving home this summer with the studio open on the 3T's trail. Just Red River, and Artsfest. But St. Louis is a beautiful city this time of year so enjoy.

  2. Hey, Jacqui--I overbooked a little. Hard for me to say no when they say yes. Plus Texas was wet and muggy and sales just okay. (Really good in San Antonio but below expectations (or hopes) in DFW.
    Looking forward to the Laumeier show in StL--haven't done it before.
    Walking the dog today and yesterday was glorious!

  3. I've stumbled upon your work through Jeb Matulich (Junky Trinkets) and absolutely love it. Reminiscent of Jean Jack with more vibrant colour and interesting images - just the way I like it.

  4. Thanks for the nice words, Veronica!


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