Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm sorry for the long space between postings! We've driven to and done a show since the last time I checked in. We had to leave early because the weather forecast was for--you guessed it--more snow! So we finished our packing up last Wednesday, about 8 at night and headed out on the road for these 3 Texas shows. Got to Clovis at midnight, allowing us to arrive in Taylor the next day in time to have dinner with our friends Mark & Susan, who had so kindly agreed to take care of JuneBug while we did the San Antonio Fiesta show--despite the fact that their new rescue dog, Polly, had just come to them less than a week before. Turns out JuneBug is a food and water bully but otherwise they got along. So far, Polly hasn't picked up the fetching bug from Bug.

Our other Angel Fire friends, Jenny & Gerald, also met us for dinner that Thursday night. A regular reunion! Too bad I forgot to take any pictures!

The Fiesta show, held at the Southwest school of Arts & Crafts in downtown San Antonio was an absolute pleasure to do. I got a great booth space and the crowds were exuberant and fun and plentiful. I wish all shows were so pleasant! I've taken some pictures and manipulated them but now can't figure out how to get them from Rees' side of the computer--when I do I'll update the post. Then, maybe tomorrow after we head up to Dallas I'll tell you more about how great San Antonio is!! NOT the riverwalk but just about everything else!

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  1. Hey Jen! just found this blog after my geek guru husband told me about it! Nice!

    Consider following me if you don't already..the more the merrier, and the more, the better for google finding it!

    take care and be safe! Great Show karma to you!


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