Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

Yeah--we hit 61.4 degrees, although the mean weather gods have plans for more snow tomorrow and part of next week. Bug and I took a nice walk on the golf course. She took herself for a swim and caught (and released) a vole. All in all a very exciting hour.

Today was one of those days. I got out to the studio early--for me--as mornings are not my forte (neither are really late nights, for that matter.) The fire in the wood stove fired right up. Unlike yesterday where it hovered at 51 degrees until almost noon and I used about a half ton of newspaper to get it going. So I started work on a night panel--I sold one at the Woodlands and want to have a few for my upcoming shows. I thought I'd take progress shots but my camera battery died and I got lazy. Anyway, you can see the start of it in the last posted picture. I did finish the piece this afternoon.

The first 2 are pics of my studio as it starts to get really messy. I hate to take the time to tidy up but know I will have to before we leave in a week for San Antonio. I managed to prep a bunch more panels so I can get right on them. And, I photographed the cradled panel with the stain on the edges--still not totally dry but I still like the look. Unfortunately, though, the photo isn't very good.

On another note, my large main page piece on my website--"Through the Night"--finally arrived at its destination. And I'm so glad. Turns out the label came off the box and then got separated from the piece. But after taking a nice ride for a few extra days it arrived safe and sound. Moral of the story: Make absolutely, positively, unmistakeably sure that the label is attached well to the box. And also right your name and phone number on the actual cardboard. No, duh! Too bad I didn't follow that advice with this piece. Learned my lesson, though.

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