Thursday, April 2, 2009

All the way to Temple!

Texas, that is. We weren't sure how far we'd get because of the blowing snow and road closure due to SNOW this morning. So we opted for caution and left a little later than we would have so the plows would have a chance to clear stuff away. We really didn't encounter anything bad at all. Just lots of driving. Found a good taqueria in Lubbock for a late lunch--Joe's burrito joint in Littlefield is now a Chinese restaurant--rats. Wish I could remember the taqueria name. I need to do a better job of notating the good places.... Anyway, tomorrow is the rest of the way to the Woodlands, then the set-up, and the VIP party. I always say I'll got to those things but rarely do. I think I should as I need to do a better job of networking-bleh!

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  1. I lived in Temple in 1975-76....good luck at your show!


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