Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Booth shot

These are some of the shots we took the other day. One with all black frames, one a combo of frameless and black frames and the other just the frameless. They are not touched up or manipulated at all--yet. I still can't decide which might be best. Any preferences, out there?

Off to Cottonwood!

We leave for Dallas tomorrow--for the Cottonwood show. I'm looking forward to it! Today was spent packing up art, finishing with framing, packing clothes, packing the van, cleaning out the fridge, taking one of the cars in. General junk stuff. But, that is close to done and it isn't even late yet! And I even made egg salad for the ride!

Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend, Jenny White and her dog, Simon. JunieBug LOVES Simon(and I think the feeling is mutual!) The aspen, even on a cloudy day, were exquisite! I hope all the color isn't gone before we return.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wild Life

Yesterday I had some studio visitors. Some of the four legged, horned kind as in the picture above. They really liked what was left of my plants. But since we've had a pretty hard freeze, I didn't shoo them away. Let 'em eat their fill!

I also had a visit from some past clients, along with their older Wheaton terrier, Rufus, who was a real sweetie. They took home a large piece, which made my day!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Feelings

It is that time of year--cold, crisp night (especially when I forgot to close one of the windows!) and warm beautiful days. The leaves are changing--but slowly this year. We'll probably miss a lot of the color when we head down to Dallas for the Cottonwood Art show this next weekend. Oh, well. I'm actually looking forward to the show (and my visit with Rees' sister, Laird.)

In the meantime, I'm trying to get the house ready for the approach of winter but really just looking for excuses to be outside. I've got some pieces to frame for the upcoming show and a few to get ready to ship out!

Yesterday, I played hooky some of the day and Rees and Bug and I took a 6 or so mile walk over to the Lady Slipper trail. Bug got a chance to swim and was one tired pooch by evening.

Then I had some studio visitors--Barbara Courtney & her friend, Kay Hable. They found a few things they couldn't live without! Pics above are of me with them.

Maybe, more importantly, today is my grandma Evie's 96th birthday! She's a most remarkable woman. The family, sans me & Rees, will be celebrating at my brother Marc's house later today. Have fun everyone! We'll be there in spirit!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stars in Heaven!

I haven't posted any images of work lately. And it isn't like I haven't done any pieces lately. It is just the blogging blues. I think they'll go away when the snow does--more in the forecast tonight, btw.

So, instead of trying to be witty or artsy, I think I'll just show you a few of the pieces I finished this week. (See above.)


It snowed last night. There is still some on the ground. Not a lot. Still, I'm not ready for winter to begin. I did manage to wear a turtleneck the day before autumn officially began. Guess I better go get some more out.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Frozen North

So last week I had my first fire in the wood stove. to take the chill off. It worked. Then, we headed up to Castle Rock, CO for the art show this weekend. It had been 90 on Thursday, only 70 for set up on Friday. Then,we got to Saturday--overcast and then rainy. A whooping 44 degrees when I left, frozen through to the bone! Today a high of 70 is expected--yeah!!!!!!! And some sun. Looking forward to that! And, I'm the one who decided art shows is the way to market my work!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off to Santa Fe

We're off tomorrow to do a show in Santa Fe. It is held on the plaza. I haven't done the show since 2001, when my Santa Fe gallery owner found me. But, when she retired and closed her gallery, we thought we'd try it again. I did fine back in 2001 and hope to again! If you are in the neighborhood, come on by. My booth is on the actual plaza near Lincoln street--booth G32. The show is Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Excitement in Angel Fire (for me)

Admittedly, my posts have been thin or non-existent. Sorry. Just so busy a time.

Sunday night was the MFAF southwest art auction. (Don't worry--the festival will be over soon and I'll get back to actually focusing on art!) Anyway, I donated the piece from which their poster was made--a 30 by 30 inch panel called "Evening Colors". I had high hopes for the piece bringing a good bit for the festival. But with the economy this year, I was a little nervous that it might not do too well. So, throughout the silent auction and 49 pieces into the live auction I got nervous about whether it would sell well. I even asked Rees if maybe I should get someone to bid up to a certain amount and I would buy the painting back, as I didn't want it going for mere cents on the dollar. He told me not to worry. There was interest.

Rees was right! They opened the bidding at $1000 and about 20 paddles went up. Musicians, locals, and past locals were bidding--a lot. To make a long story short--or at least not so long--the piece went for $6000!!!!!--way more than I've ever sold a piece for! I was ecstatic! More than twice my retail price. Don't worry--patrons--I'm not raising my prices but it sure was fun to have one go for so much! Thanks to all the aggressive bidders! I do appreciate it.

Guess I'll have to give MFAF a good one next year.