Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JuneBug's vacation

So maybe you thought I'd been kidnapped by martians --or had some other catastrophe befall me since it has been so long since I've bothered to post. Relax, though, it is nothing more than laziness that has kept me from the computer. We're in Dallas at my sister inlaw's--who happens to be a great friend and the best aunt to JuneBug ever. See, she was kind enough to move a few years ago to a house with a CEMENT POND!! It is in the back yard and JuneBug reminds us pretty much every hour on the hour that it is still out there and probably a bit too full and she could help get some of the water out by jumping in after her orb (don't say ball in front of her or she'll go berserk). I captured a couple of pretty good pics of her jumps--only after taking about a million shots of the splash which occurs after she is already in--I guess I always did have slow reflexes....

We've completed the Southlake show and are hanging around for the Cottonwood Art Festival this weekend. I've been painting a few things which I'll be bringing to Cottonwood and probably posting on tomorrow's post. Southlake was incredibly windy most of the weekend but the rain that was forecast for Sunday afternoon mostly stayed away and I'm thankful for that. Rains in the forecast all week but I'm hoping it will clear up for the Cottonwood show--the grounds will be a guaranteed soggy mess, though, I'm sure. For those of you Dallas people, coming out ot the show, WEAR OLD SHOES!



  1. Magique, my labradoodle, has also never met a body of water she did not like. Though she has never seen one cement lined because they are in flea and tick country. Or at least that is my excuse.

    How go the shows?

  2. I'll swing by on Saturday morning. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff.

  3. Great diving photos. We went down to the coast last week-end. Simon got to swim too. Gerald had surgery today. He is in recovery right now. Doctor said the surgery went well.

  4. What fun! Grace drug me through the first mountain stream she found when we were on a walk on Saturday. It was way deeper than it looked and about 33 degrees, I wound up soaked and she was grinning ear to ear!

  5. Welcome, Katherine and Jacqui!


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