Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Again

We survived the Woodlands show. Lots of wind on Sunday but we stood tall. Otherwise the weather was pretty good. Crowds were okay as were sales. It is a long way to go for only one show and would prefer to be able to piggy back that show with another in Texas rather than doing the 1800 mile round trip for just one show. No matter--we missed a bunch of snow this last weekend and I don't mind that! Tomorrow we're supposed to reach 60 degrees! Yeah!

On another note, my summer schedule is coming together. As usual, we've overbooked the shows and now I have to decide which I can actually do. And, I got into Sun Valley--it is one of my very favorite shows to do and I am really psyched to be in again.

The above photo is one of the dusk pics I mentioned on my last post. Haven't done a piece using it as such but will this week.

Finally, I have a customer who had asked me to paint one of my cradled panels. She didn't want the bare wood edges and wanted a dark stain. I did that this afternoon and it looks pretty good. I've got to think about maybe staining all the edges! More work but it definitely looks more polished. I'll post an image of that tomorrow.

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