Monday, March 30, 2009

Don'tcha Hate It

So, today is cold and wet and snowy and I've been working on some night times.. The pieces here are brighter in real life--really. It is just that my sky light is covered with snow again and it is very cloudy (read snowy) outside. And no way am I gonna take paper based work out in the snow for a better photo shoot! I'm dreaming of spring! And it will be about June when the daffodils come up here. But come July I'll probably be mentioning the highs in the 70 and 80s.

The night times take a bit longer than other skies but people seem to like them. What I hate is when I mis-cut the paper I work on and do a piece that fills the too-big sheet. Notice the piece on the bottom right--it is an inch bigger than the one on the left and my pre-ordered mats and frames won't work with it unless I cut off some sky!!! What a waste of time!!! Or maybe I could cut off some of the grass in front--that might work even better. Better, I guess, than doing a piece that is too small for the pre-ordered mats. We've got some of those types of skinny guys hanging around the house.

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  1. A) I am darn sick of the snow here too - we had been having such gorgeous spring weather and now we are dropped into winter muck again. Boo. B) I would cut of the grass and road in front, but i have no real artistic talent so what do I know. C) I'd be happy to take any mis-sized pieces off your hands :) Have fun at your shows!


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