Sunday, March 29, 2009


I would have posted a different image but it is soo windy that I can't take the pieces outside to photograph. So windy in fact that my favorite ball cap (Pirate Girl--Abaco) flew off my head.
But these three were done on the ampersand panels so they weren't in danger of flying away!

On another note, Rees tells me that Steve Earle is scheduled to release a new album within the month--all covers from Townes van Zandt. I'm psyched. One of my favorite dead guys covered by one of my favorite live guys! Who knows? I may have to figure out how to upload a song once it comes out. How 21st century is that?


  1. My favorite Van Zant cover...
    Lyle Lovett doing "If I needed you"

    Love the panels...

  2. My favorite Van Zant cover: Nancy Griffith singing "Tecumseh Valley", or whatever the name is. Simply beautiful.


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