Thursday, March 5, 2009


Turns out I'm on a red kick and didn't even realize it. It got too dark in the studio for me to photograph the 2 other pieces I finished today with red sky backgrounds. I'll get them for tomorrow's post. What I noticed was that the piece I finished yesterday, and the ones I did today--both churches--look really good together. If I could only hang my art booth that way it would look so cool. But I know the minute I get to a show that I'll hang it all higglety pigglety and try to cram a bunch of stuff on the panels.

Today's pieces were of the church in Corrales, which is very near Albuquerque and is probably the coolest part of that metro area and of El Carmen, which is a little village, sort of like the Vallecitos thing, where it probably isn't on a regular map. It is off of highway 518 towards Las Vegas, NM.

I also tried to do the coloring on one of the oils but I think it is going to need a few more layers of glazing before it is ready to show the public. I've got to admit, I'm a bit discouraged with the oil thing. I guess it just takes practice. But now with art shows looming, I'm thinking I better concentrate on the oil pastels instead. I do know them better. Will keep you posted.

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