Friday, March 27, 2009

Disappointing Snow Levels-NOT

The snow we were expecting came last night--only not in the quantities forecast. Probably got about 6 inches. I'm okay about that as I believe spring should come back. I miss it. Walking Bug is so much more pleasant when it is 50 and sunny than when it is snowy and damp and 24 degrees. I hope it melts tomorrow.
Here's part of a panel I've been working on. I forgot to photograph when just in the chalk stage.
Here I've added most of the road and an adobe building near the center.
Here the layers of grasses have been applied. I think it is finished but will leave it on the easel until tomorrow in case any tweaking is required.

On another note, I want to apologize to the facebook people who I have been remiss about responding to. I really am trying to get with the program and push myself (admittedly kicking and screaming) into the 21st century. But it is a lot to ask of a scatterbrained artist. I'll try to check in more regularly. I did feel better reading in The Week that the largest growing segment of the market using facebook is the 34 to 50 year olds. That includes me. So I'm not so far behind the 8 ball. But my dear niece Kate invited me to twitter and I signed up and never did anything after that. I guesss I'm still clueless about how all this interacting allows a person to get anything done. I'll work on both the twittering deal and developing a facebook profile when I get a little more time. Promise.

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  1. Jennifer, it is true that a lot of the new faces on facebook are "older". I have been amazed at how many people i know on fb. I use it to promote my art a bit, I do all my art selling online so everything I can do to make myself seen is helpful.


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