Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings!

The pieces above actually have a lot more color in them than the picture suggests. I've used teal highlights in the blue barn and am really pleased with the color combination. And the front of the red barn really does look weathered. But, on another topic....

So, another portion of the year has passed, meaning SPRING is in the air. For most of you. Me, well, where I live we only have mud season and due to all the darn wind, that is fast disappearing--the mud, I mean, not the wind. That won't seem to go away. Even the site posts us as windy for the next several days. We opted for a nice long walk on the golf course today, seeing as how it wasn't going to be windy, and the gusts almost blew my baseball cap off. I'm soo looking forward to tomorrow's stroll--maybe we'll pick a tree-lined street to walk on instead.

Daylight savings caused us to lose an hour today and, for me, it is hard to make the adjustment. I'm guessing part of it is that I don't get up very early and so the difference in the light levels in the morning don't really matter. And, I do like the longer days in the evening but that comes anyway, whether we have this silly artificial change in times or not. I mean no one likes to have to adjust to time zone changes and this is just like that. Are we going through jet lag?

I changed almost all of the clocks before retiring at a reasonable hour last night and I think that helped. We watched "The Fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins and I really liked it. Watch it if you haven't. After that, though, straight to bed. Even so, I was all out of whack trying to get started out in the studio. I guess I still wanted to be in my jammies drinking another cup of coffee. And then, at the end of the day, the studio was still bright and I was tired. I really could have put in another hour.

But I didn't. I rationalized that with knowing that I really should get organized with show envelopes for all my upcoming shows--copies of acceptances, show hours, hotel reservations, any necessary sales permits, donation forms, etc. Instead, my computer is slow and it is taking a while to open picasa and photoshop for me to upload the one lame picture I have. (I actually like the pieces but the image is fuzzy and it is now officially too dark to reshoot this evening.) So, I probably won't finish that little task either. Manana, maybe, as they say here in New Mexico--it doesn't mean tomorrow--it only means not today.

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