Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Studio Time

The above image is of the biggest oil I have worked on so far. 12 by 24 inches. I've got 5 more underpaintings completed in that size. But, with the nephews arriving tomorrow I decided to put up the oils and get back to the oil pastels. (Not as messy.) The colors aren't quite accurate and I like the piece better when I walked out to the studio this morning than I did the day I finished it.
Here's an image of my easel and work space. The oil pastels are very rarely any neater than this. I only organize them when I realize I'm spending too much time looking for a specific color. And I can usually rationalize that I'm not spending THAT much time.

Here's an image of one of the oils I did last weekend. I like the reflection in the water of the grass. I think it is 8 by 8 inches.

I caved in to NPR today and listen to All Things Considered for about an hour and a half this afternoon. I certainly don't want to watch any regular news so I figure this is the least evil way of keeping mildly in touch.

Today's musical highlights were Dave Alvin and Mary Gauthier. I've only got one Mary Gauthier and think maybe we might need some more.

The pressure is building again. After so many months of not having a show, acceptances (and rejections) are coming in. I know I can't do all the shows that I've got lined up but there is a part of me that wants to--of course, I need to work a little harder in the studio if I am to have enough inventory to do so. Wish me luck with my decision making. Gotta quit posting as I have a few applications I must complete before the guys get here tomorrow. More soon.

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  1. The oils look good to me. You can definitely tell that it is your work...your style shows through. Nice.


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