Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Messy

I have really, really, really been trying not to be such a slob in the studio. I mean I'm still a slob--still wearing hole-y jeans and paint flecked fleeces and the mandatory turtleneck-- but I am trying not to let the studio implode every time I do something. And I've been really careful with all this oil paint stuff, checking my shoes so as not to track it onto any house carpet. (My studio floor is acid stained concrete and it comes clean very easily so no worries there.) But what happens today? I switch shoes to walk Bug--my winter hikers-- as it is really icy out there right now. So, Rees & Bug and I take a nice but windy walk and I get back and switch back to my crocs. It is then I notice a glob of oil paint--burnt sienna in color--on my sock. I've managed to rub it 2 miles worth into my hikers, rubbed it all over my socks, and smeared my crocs. I can't for the life of me figure out how it got up on my ankle, under my jeans without getting any on the jeans? Are there studio elves out there, like house elves, that have a twinkle of evil and place blobs of paint where they don't belong? Washable crayons are seeming more and more appropriate. See first image for sock.

Today was underpainting in the am and an oil pastel in the afternoon. All in all a good day. Got some other pieces varnished and made some panel covers for those. It will be nice to get those all put away. Second image is of the oil pastel and one of the underpaintings.

Musically, I was back to shuffle. It seems to much trouble to pick artists and I have been too lazy to develop playlists or anything of the sort. I can tell you that John Doe, Iron & Wine and Guy Clark stood out today as my faves. I've got to tell you this is way better than the pre-ipod days. I had a 5 cd player out there which I would fill and listen to repeatedly. It wouldn't be until Rees would come out to do a framing day that he'd complain they were the same 5 cds as the last time he was out framing --generally a month or so in between. So, really I'm exposed to lots more than I used to be.

I'm not listening to NPR anymore. It seems all they (and all other news outlets, I might add) do is talk doom & gloom. I know the economy is rotten but I don't want the news of it to negatively impact my work. I actually think most of the newspeople actually enjoy reporting more bad news, like that is gonna help. Jerkos.

PS The third image is of my painting/drawing work space. I was going to tidy it before I took a photo but since I now realize that I am truly a slob, I figured, why bother?

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  1. I am never allowed to handle anything with ink - like refilling stamp pads - because I will find ink on myself for days later. And I look perfectlky clean right awya, so I think those elves are coming over and inking me up, too. As for music - make Rees whip you up some new playlists - he's got nothing else to do right? :)


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