Friday, February 20, 2009

A Happy Day in February

First pic is of JuneBug--my best dog ever! Pic 2 is of the piece I finished yesterday. Pic 3 & 4 are the pieces from today.
Today we awoke to practically gale force wind so ski-ing this morning was out. I was a bit disappointed. I got out to the studio and got a couple oil pastel panels done today. I tried putting away some of the other panels but I'm running out of room so I rationalized waiting until I had more finished. But the good news is the underpaintings are dry so I'm really psyched to get out there tomorrow and get to work on them. I hope I'm not crying about them when I come in tomorrow evening.

Managed to get some big batch cookies made this afternoon. I used to keep cookies in the house all the time but as Rees & my waistlines expanded I decided to forgo cookies unless we have guests. Since Marc & family arrive Thursday I thought I could get a start on the baking. I'd like to have several different kinds of treats put up in cookie jars before the boys arrive. So, a little at a time.

Music today was dominated by Rodney Crowell. I'm not saying that was my favorite--NOT--only that the ipod had a mind of its own and that seemed to be all it liked to play. It is rare that I can even find the little remote do-hicky but I did find it so I could fast forward without leaving my easel. I like to think of doing that as improving productivity but the remote is now covered in oil pastel. Maybe Rees & I should think about separate ipods. Then I'll put more Dead, Joan Armatrading, Rachel Price, Getz & Gilberto, etc. and he can keep his weirdo country guys. Of course, that would mean actually using itunes, which so far I have been able to totaly avoid. Don't get me wrong--I love Lyle Lovett, Joe Ely, Robert Earl Keen, Guy Clark, Willis Alan Ramsey, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Bruce Robison, Kellly Willis, Iris Dement, Steve Earle and I'm sure a lot more but I DON"T LIKE RODNEY CROWELL. Maybe tomorrow ipod will love Nick Drake--his dreamy sound is just what I have in mind for some of these oils...


  1. Those look great! I especially like the blue sky in the one with the white house. Good taste in music too....although I do like RC in small doses. "Telephone Road" is a great song!

  2. Great work, Jen. And wonderful pic of Bug.

    I just found your blog thru google alerts. Yay! I'll see you Friday at the Gallery...


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