Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First photos successfully uploaded!

Of course I needed some help figuring out how to upload the images to the blog. We finally figured it out--not too difficult. I think I'll just reduce the picture size I take with the camera so I don't have to resize each and every picture I put up on the blog. I actually wonder how many images I should bother with...maybe one or 2 each time I post. Maybe as I get a few people following this, they'll let me know what seems good.

Well, today the colors didn't look too bad but I did think the house structure would look better with a whiter sunny side and a purpler/ more maroon shady side. So I scraped back the oil pastel to almost the underlying blue---can't get quite all the oil pastel off without using a solvent and I didn't want to do that. The second picture is still the light blue and you can see a hint of the foreground chalk composition sketch. The first image is the finished piece--at least I think it is. I'll take a look at it tomorrow and see what, if any, tweaking is required. I'll probably add some highlights to the trees as I applied the color quite thickly and I can't get any more color on until it dries a bit. You can see in the bottom of the second that the indigo blue gesso is not applied in an overly consistent manner. I think it gives the final pieces a bit more movement. (These 2 images were intended to be reversed but I haven't figured out how to do that yet!)

I also managed to varnish some finished panels. I don't want those to add up and have too much to do right before my first show of the year--Scottsdale this year towards the end of March. They need to dry overnight--at least. I also covered some cut out foam core with glassine so I'll be able to protect the surfaces of the finished pieces when I box them for transport. If I'd only clean out my shed storage space, I'd be able to cut the glassine off the roll with much more precision.

It was gorgeous today--a little bit cool--just hovering around freezing. But another blue sky day! We still have Princess (and might for a while, as Barbara has scheduled surgery on her back for tomorrow). Both P. and JuneBug really enjoyed their walk. And I enjoyed the fresh air. Hope it lasts until my brother and his family arrive for what I'm hoping is the first annual ski trip to see Auntie Jen & Uncle Rees. They get here in about 2 weeks. I'll post some photos of the snow tomorrow.


  1. Very nice. I enjoy watching the progress of the paintings.

  2. The intensity of the blues are killing me.
    Seriously great work...


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