Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prep Day

So today I don't get to track any actual painting--although I was busy in the studio all day. I cleaned up the framing station--hadn't been done in several years. I varnished a few more of the boards I painted last month and earlier this month. I put away a few of the pieces I'd varnished yesterday and framed one piece to conserve space. I'll need to get some more of the big frames out of storage pretty soon. I realized I'm a bit low on foamcore so I ordered some more and I placed a glass order as well.

Took photographs of some big long skinnies so I could stack them interleafed with glassine until such time as I want to frame them. I need to remember to photograph when it isn't so windy. Lately, we've been photographing outside on the shady side of the house. I'm mostly pleased with the colors and as long as I include a color chart in the picture I can adjust appropriately. I'm sure a real photographer would grimace at how I do it but....that's not really my deal.

I'm trying to keep better track of my inventory this year and so I took the x-small pieces -my 5by 5s in 10 by 10 frames-- and matched titles with pieces. It should be easier to know what pieces I have--just going through the photos rather than actually going through all the boxes. Of course, I've managed to not photograph 6 of the 32 pieces I have in that size--took care of that this afternoon too. Then I color gessoed a bunch of panels. I guess I've never said in any post but I have always worked on 3 background colors--red, indigo blue and burgundy. I buy the pastel paper already colored but the panels I buy have a white gesso on them. Thus, I have to add a layer of colored gesso, after I've sanded down the edges of the cradled panels. It would be like the deep blue in the second picture from yesterdcay's post. So, I got about 20 panels ready to go. They are drying and I'll put them back up tomorrow morning.
It is a little overcast today--I was sort of hoping for snow so I didn't take any pictures of the snow banks. Hopefully tomorrow it will be nice enough---maybe I'll take the camera on our walk.
Tomorrow is my friend Emily Clark's special birthday--she turns 13 on Friday the 13th! Happy Birthday, Em! I believe this birthday is called a Golden Birthday or a Star Birthday but that is only because her age matches the date of the month--on top of that, Em's got the Friday the 13th element to add to her celebration. Hope she has fun!

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