Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting a blog

Well. It is about time I actually started one of these. I've been contemplating doing so for over a year. Then it was a new year's resolution, one I thought I'd get to in January but, alas, here it is almost mid-February and I am just getting going. And this is not my busy season. So, I figure I'll try to post a few times a week and see what happens.

I'm hoping that by writing a blog I'll be able to share with others what I'm doing in the studio, what changes I'm making to my art, and along the way, maybe share other important tidbits--you know, like favorite movies, music I like or have recently found, and what other ideas I have. It may turn out I just share images of what's up on my easel, how it/they are progressing and the like. I'll have to see. Since I'm not the computer wizard in the house--I leave most of that to Rees--I'll have to get better at managing and uploading images. That is probably a good skill to have anyway. And, if nothing else, this blog may be good documentation of what an artist does all the time. I sometimes wonder myself. Maybe this will help me keep track. So, I guess I'll start my real posting tomorrow and try to write a little bit about my background each time I post until maybe we are caught up. And I'll wait a few days before I share my blog address with anyone, so they'll have a little more to read/learn. Until tomorrow.

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