Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Underpainting

Since I never did clean up my work space from yesterday, I decided to continue the underpainting theme. And, as promised, I did work on 3 with structures (barns for the most part) in a 12 by 24 format. I also worked on 4 other ones with no buildings. I'm amassing quite a few of these and can't wait for them to dry enough so I can add the color to the whole deal. For me, it is really weird to not be able to finish a piece the same day as I start it. But there is something warm and fuzzy about looking forward to coloring in the pieces...sort of like getting a new coloring book when you were 4. I will have to go back to some more traditional work soon as my show schedule appears to be heating up. And at most shows I won't be able to show the oils. The piece in this post is a color study I did with the oil pastel on paper. I'm thnking of using some subtler colors like this on some of the underpainted panels. We'll see.

I did something completely radical for me today in the studio. I turned off shuffle songs on the ipod and picked individual artists. I know, it is a really out there thing to do--I'm sure no one else ever actually picks their music. You always shuffle, right. It is just so much easier. But today I thought I should actually listen to specifics. Hits of the day were Bon Hiver and Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. I wish I could say I found them myself but actually have to credit a few of my old high school buddies --Dave, Dan & Steve--for turning me on to them. If you haven't heard them, do so. I'm wondering if they've composed abest of '08 list yet.

Then, I reverted back to some of my dead guys. I've got this thing for really enjoying a bunch of singer/ songwriters who happen to be dead. Nick Drake, Townes van zandt, Gram Parsons, Elliot Smith, Jon Vandiver, Blaze Foley are all some of my faves. For those of you who are/were Dead fans, you should definitely listen to Gram Parsons with the Flying Burrito Bros Live at the Avalon Ballroom 1969. The sound guy, Bear, for the Dead had this in his archives and just released it/licensed it a couple of years ago--he hadn't let anything be licensed out of his personal vault since 1970. I always thought it was a Grateful Dead sound but the same thing is in this cd--so I guess it is a Bear thing. How little do I/did I know.


  1. Hey Jen,
    Glad to see the blog. Love the pictures.
    Tell your husband to start a sports blog so we can all complain about the cowboys and ags.


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