Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't mess with art gods

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as we had early-ish dinner plans and I wanted to finish a couple of pieces. It wasn't a very exciting painting day anyway. I had a miserable time sketching out a big long skinny board. It serves me right for getting so cocky about the composition of the big square I did the day before. I should just be humble so the art gods don't get in my way. But, no, I have to brag about how great working with the chalk is and then, wham, a gazillion erasures before I had something feasible to work with. And while yesterday's long skinny piece eventually turned out fine I took an awful lot of wrong turns to get there. I think I need to consider myself lucky that these sorts of days are rare occurrences.
The 2 smaller pieces I also did yesterday were much more successful than the skinny board. One was of a very different color scheme and the other was of a landscape--no building--very rare! They were both the 8 by 8 size on paper. I'm out of frame moulding in that size and am trying to figure out what to do. I still have a lot of blond wood frames but am thinking of eventually switching to a dark/black moulding. I guess I'll wait and see if I need to order a few more light ones to go with my current inventory. (I personally don't care how my work is framed--light or dark, as long as the framing is really simple--otherwise, I think it clashes with the simple-ness of the work itself.) If anyone has any feelings/ideas about the framing issues, I'd love to hear from you. Since almost all my sales are from outdoor art shows, I'd like to have some consistency in frame color in my booth. When I first started the blond wood seemed more appropriate but now, with so many people painting their walls in the neutral beige/green, the blond doesn't seem to work as well. That is definitely one of the benefits of working on the cradled panels. No frame is necessary. I have found a floating frame in black that is readily available, even for the 2 inch deep cradle. Thank you, Florida Frames!
So today I decided to try some little guys--my extra smalls--to see if I could find new color palettes that I would find pleasing. I managed to get quite a few of them done and I'm happy with almost all of them. One of them--a red sky, orange foreground, white building, really should have worked. So far I haven't figured out what went wrong. Maybe I'll see when I go out tomorrow.
On other notes, my friend, Don, inquired about Bug's foot. Happy to report all is well. This morning Junie had a massive fetch session with our part-time next door neighbor, Ellen, and her black lab, Captain Black. She (JuneBug) had enough energy for her afternoon walk but has spent the rest of the day sleeping. On the walk we saw Barbara and Frank's car in their drive so I assume all went well with the surgery--(by the way, Frank came & got Princess the day after I mentioned her, even though she was no trouble.)
I've got to upload some new images to zapplication (an online show application site) as I have a few deadlines coming up pretty soon. Jeepers--February is speeding away. By the way, if you haven't checked out my website lately, you should. Rees has added a lot of panel work as well as updating the regular pages with some new pieces.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to try some oil painting again. Wish me luck--I think I'm gonna need it.

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