Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Can't Stand It

Today my brother, Marc, & sister in law, Tricia, arrive with their 4 boys-Rory almost 8, Luke almost 6, Brady just under 4 and 7 month old Chase. A delay at the car rental counter of an hour has made them a bit later than I expected. But I've been waiting all day and can not wait for them to get here! I did have a bit of preparations to do before their arrival. Changing sheets, giving the dog a bath--Rory is a tad allergic and Bug hadn't had a bath since San Miguel, then cleaning the bathtub after the bath, extending the table, things like that. Anyway, it took most of the day. I did finally go out to the studio this afternoon and completed this piece. I think it is pretty good although the barn is a bit redder on the sunny side than the picture shows.

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