Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not So Easy

Procrastination is a great way to start the day. So today I fidgeted around, put in a load of wash, looked through a magazine (Gourmet--and I don't even cook) and went to the local sort-of grocery store, telling Rees that I needed to pick out the temporary dog food. It took me a while to decide but I finally opted for Purina for worker dogs--high protein content. Bug likes Iams Large Breed but will eat anything--and if she doesn't, then just add bacon fat and, voila, good yummy food.

Pretty much anything to avoid starting one of the oils. Here I had been so excited but when it came right down to it, it was HARD. I almost bit Rees' head off when he came to ask what I would like for lunch. How dare he interrupt when I'm about to pitch a fit! But I can't give up yet. I even liked a couple I colored in although they bear little resemblance to my normal work. But I'm not ready to show them yet. I want a wait until I've tried my hand at a few more. Then, I promise, I'll post some. Soon.

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