Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was really fun. I'd gotten a daily labrador retriever calendar from my folks' old dog-walker for Christmas (she walks Bug when we go to Chicago.) And January 3 looked so much like Bug I couldn't believe it. My dog has the largest paws I've ever seen on a lab and a hooked nose. This dog on the calendar isn't quite as exagerrated as Bug but otherwise, Bug's twin. Long story short, I used that photo as a reference photo--did it backwards because the dog needs to look in this direction.

I apologize for the photo quality--it is getting really dark these days. Will give you a new one in the next day or so. (Plus, in looking at the photo, I realized I forgot to color in a bush by the house! OOPs!)


  1. My husband is a huge lab fan. Too bad I have allergies otherwise I'm sure we'd have at least one. What sweet dogs!
    Love the colors in this one. You really play well with light in your work.

  2. Thanks, Elisa! At least you can look at the labs in the paintings! Are you really allergic? We have JuneBug swim in the lake before any of my slightly allergic nephews come to visit, and they seem to do fine.
    And thanks for the compliment on the light. I try to make sure, whether day or night, that my composed landscapes have the light source in the right place--sometimes hard when using several reference photos for one piece.


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