Sunday, January 3, 2010


"Exuberance" Oil pastel on panel 24" by 36"

Okay, peeps. Seems like it really doesn't matter when I take a pic--they rarely turn out. Late in the day in the studio they are dark, early in the day I get weird sun streaks and hot spots. And, at this point, I'm not willing to set up the entire tripod, take the art outside at just the right time of day, just to do justice to the painting I completed. So, ignore the hot area to the left in the piece and imagine a perfect photo. (And know that I will do a better job before I post such a pic on my website.)

On another note, Rees' sister gave him a subscription to Texas Music magazine for Christmas. We just got the November/December issue. It had a sampler disc which is AWESOME. I mean really great. So good in fact that I painted to those same SIX songs all day long. Ryan Bingham, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, someone whose name I can't recall and Hayes Carll. We saw Ryan Bingham at the Wyly theatre in Dallas when the Flatlanders were playing over the Thanksgiving break--thought his voice was too gravelly. Turns out I was wrong. I guess I'll have to get some more of his stuff. Soon.

On still another note, I just ordered about 15 how-to art and art marketing books. I can't wait to get them. Why is it I am so cheap and never upgrade the shipping? I'm going to have to wait an eternity, y'all. Regular shipping can take as long as 15 business days...that is like 3 whole weeks. Arghhhh! Oils are in my near future--and hopefully I'll be able to spend a little more time with them this winter than I did last! But the idea of a painting a day is a bit daunting. Still, I've got to give it a go!


  1. Monopod, Jen. I do the majority of my recording of pictures with it and rather like it better as I have some leeway with relationship of camera to picture. But it steadies the camera enough to use the aperture setting.

    Different times of the year means different lights at different times of the day. Currently middle afternoon when the light is still coming through the windows but not glaringly so and putting the easel back in the "shadow."

    Monopods are cheap and make excellent walking sticks when hiking.

    Looking forward to shares on marketing tips in this economy.

  2. Texas Music Magazine rocks!


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