Friday, January 8, 2010

Handsome & Handy

I know. I know. These aren't pictures of new works of art. They are pictures of a crazy kitchen. One that happens to be mine. When we first moved in--only 14 years ago--I painted the retablo saints on my cabinets since I couldn't afford replacements (cabinets, not saints.) But we never did replace the white formica countertop with the little gold specks in it. Yuck!!!! But, just before Christmas (or maybe it was Thanksgiving) Rees installed the new butcherblock and new sink. But we didn't do anything for the backsplash. This week, my absolutely marvelous, wonderful, handsome and very HANDY husband, installed the cobalt blue talavera for the backsplash. I'm really pleased. I think it ties the whole kitchen together. Oh, and as for the picture of the day, I didn't get to take it. Too dark. But I did finish a night time cradled panel with a Crested Butte barn. Maybe you could imagine it until I get the picture taken. (The barn is red.)


  1. Beautiful, Jen, it really ties it all together. Give Rees my compliments on his great looking work.

  2. I'm bowled over at the beauty of your kitchen. Love it. Now you've inspired me to do something with those yuky cheap white cabinet doors!!!!!

    Crested Butte is beautiful.


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