Thursday, January 7, 2010

Panels to Report

"Near Cedar Lodge"12 by 36 cradled panel
This is the panel I finished today. It is based on some photos of two ramshackle barns near my folks' beach house in Door County, Wisconsin. I took some new photos of them when we were visiting (read--killing time in between midwest art shows last summer.) After pulling them and some older ones out of my magic photo box, I realize that I won't get any more good photos of them until someone trims some of the bushes--they are growing too fast and will overtake the barns! Like Kudzu, only that doesn't grow in the midwest--at least not that far north. Creeping Charlie, maybe.
"At the Edge" 12 by 36 cradled panel
This one I did yesterday. It is based on a western Illinois scene somewhere near the Mississippi. Only the barns are really white and the sky blue--not the deep blue like New Mexico blue, but the faded out Illinois sky--which probably seems to everyone there to be a great deep blue but that's only 'cuz there are so many overcast days that, by comparison, the wimpy blue looks deep. 'Nuf said, I'm happy I live where I do.
"Twinkling Wonder" 12 by 36 cradled panel
This was from the day before. It is based on some barns in Hailey,Idaho. I really like the magenta trees and bushes. Hope you do!

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