Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We returned from holiday visits to Omaha, NE and Chicago, IL about 6 o'clock last night. Was it ever nice to be home! We travel a lot for art shows and, for the most part, these shows take place when the weather is a little better. We spent 5 days driving and 4 of them were miserable--and probably very dangerous. We saw over 100 cars off the road between Omaha and Des Moines! So, this post is maybe more for me than for any readers out there. It is a note to self--don't travel in the winter when you don't have to! (Although I must say that our expedition did a fine job in the snow and I was thankful to be in a larger vehicle!)

I'll be back in the studio ready and raring to go tomorrow! Look forward to seeing some new work!

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