Monday, January 25, 2010

Challenging, to say the least.

Another day out in the studio with oils. Fun, but different! I think you get used to your own skin. In my case, oil pastels. I mean, if you are going to work with something and you do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, you do get used to it. Then, like an old pair of jeans, it gets more and more comfortable with time. So, I'm thinking the oils are sort of like those Levi's we used to buy, that stood up all by themselves until you washed them 10 times. They're not comfortable until then. So, I'm not giving up on the oils, even though I'm not yet comfortable with them. I intend to work at least a few more days with them exclusively. Then, I'll have to get back to creating some oil pastels so I have the inventory I'll need to carry me through some of the show season. For those of you who don't do art shows, when you apply--yes, we have to jury into each show we do, each time (unless we win an award!), you have to pick a category. In my case, oil pastels, is usually in the drawing category. So, when I work in oils, unless I could creatively figure out a way for them to be drawings, I would not be allowed to exhibit the oils. Sometime, maybe I'll feel good enough with the oils to actually apply in the painting category and see where that takes me. Until then, I'll feel confident about my oil pastels and continue my stretch into oils.


  1. this is my favorite picture you've done since posting pictures. I love it to the point of feeling stabby towards whoever ends up getting to buy it. beautimous

  2. It may be tough for shows, but there's this gallery I know...

  3. Thanks, Kate. I'm pleased you like it. And, John, I'm definitely considering putting sonme in the gallery--once I'm really into it!!!


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