Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Foiled Again

I've basically given up on trying to do the daily photograph--at least in the studio. Perhaps after I get some of the excess junk out of there and can set up the tripod. 'Cuz today's image was even worse than yesterday's--and it was even of the piece I did complete today. A long skinny cradled panel--night scene, no snow. So, these are 2 I finished just before Christmas--more akin in feeling to the piece I did for the Holiday card. But, in case you where hoping to see 2 pieces, I've kindly provided them here. Heh.


  1. Very nice! My little sister(19)is skiing for her first time in Angle Fire this week. How's the snow?

  2. Only okay right now. But there is more in the forecast. And, at least it is sunny!!!n Hope she has fun!


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