Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Burgundy

Another Door County, WI barn.
I think this barn is near Penasco, NM.

I always apply a layer of colored gesso to my panels. When I first started painting I used red. Then I added indigo, then burgundy. Through the years I've experimented with other background colors--green (NOPE!), yellow (DEFINITELY NOT!), burnt sienna (okay). But I tend to rely on this wonderful trio of red, blue and burgundy. The two pieces above were both done on the burgundy background.


  1. those are both great - I love the barn in the top one (more familiar since I grew up in the Midwest - with so many barns around, haha), but the purply sky in the bottom one is gorgeous. unless that's just the picture/my computer screen. Still, love em

  2. I am currently playing with glazing over watercolor which I suppose gets the same yeas and nays as the wrong base color for your panels.

    I love the richness and warmth that comes from your burgundy base. My favorite.

  3. Thanks! Sky is purple, Kate. And Jacqui, this week, the burgundy is my fave.


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