Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Painting a Day?

"Surrender the Day" 24 by 36 inches oil pastel on flat panel

Already, on day two of the New Year, I am cheating. This is an image of a piece I finished right before we left on our midwest treck. The colors are softer than I usually use but I am pleased with the final result. This month I am going to try to post on a daily basis. and I'll try to provide you with at least one image of a new piece a day. I'm realizing that the light in winter is not sufficient for a good image at the end of a day's work--so I'll photograph the art from the day before in the am and post with it in the evening, when I come in for the day. It is a sort of cheat but one I think I'll have to use (at least until the days get longer!)

I hadn't painted in 11 days. Probably the longest time away from the easel since our month long trip to San Miguel last year when I only painted twice in the entire month. This time I really missed being at the easel and was anxious to get back to it. I'm not sure how part time artists actually do it. One spends so much time just catching up with what one knew before the break. I just can't imagine just painting on weekends...I actually prefer to paint every day, when I'm home (although I don't always paint for the entire day!) Usually, when I've had a bit of a break, I start with something small and work up to something larger but decided, today, to try a reasonable sized piece and see how it went. Well, is my answer. I'm quite pleased. I'll be ready to get out there and try another tomorrow--also of decent size!

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  1. Nice sky! Life seems to get in the way of my painting every day. And with watercolors I go in spurts because of drying time, etc.

    But I am always looking and sketching and thinking of the next piece even when all the canvases are white. And like you I use the small pieces to prime the pump and also to experiment with new techniques or images.

    I will be checking in daily!


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