Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Otherwise Occupied

I know that I promised to get right on my commission. But, I didn't. I mean the panel is sitting there, eagerly waiting (I am sure) the application of oil pastels in what (I am also) sure will be a wonderful and amazing quilt of colors. Only, I didn't get much further than imaging just that.

We artists do do other things besides make art. Most of you know that because you see me at shows, or art openings or even at the Valley Market picking up milk. I do occasionally get out of the studio. Today, my friend and gallery owner, Katherine McDermott, video interviewed me for our upcoming fab-five show--more later but it doesn't happen until December. I was a bit nervous but knew it would be fine once we actually started. It did go just fine. I wasn't stupendous and witty and wonderful but I didn't have any boogers hanging out of my nose and I didn't make any serious faux pas--at least none that Katherine acknowledged. And, that part vis done. Cross it off the list. YEAH!

But, by the time I got back, with no fire going in the wood stove, I decided a trip to Taos to pick up some specially cut glass, mats and frames was just the thing for a beautiful afternoon. After all, it wasn't snowing, the roads were clear and I had room for the dog. So, in I went. Mission accomplished. Now I can frame that commission piece and a few of the long skinnies I've been working on. No excuses for tomorrow, though. None. Must-create-nice-art!


  1. It must be nice to "day trip" to Taos....lucky!

  2. And my morning trip to Taos for stretcher bars is today. I don't do afternoons that well. And deterred by the closed pass in the morning I went home and sketched. Now I have a plan for those new sizes of canvas.

    And hopefully no closed passes.

    Congrats on getting the interview done. Now I get to worry about that, huh? I figured interview on paper not digital!


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