Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cranberries! Is it done yet?

This is the first pass at the commission I've been working on--and the one I've been procrastinating on. In my head, the client was saying--not too red--more maroon-y and I really like your bright greens. So, that is what I thought I did. When I sent a progress email to the client, her husband's monitor was reading purple in the trees (which it was) and hers more deeper maroon. (Help me remember that other topic for another post--monitor calibration!) She was hoping for the cranberry and he thought there was a lot of green in it. So...knowing it wasn't finished, I carried on.
(Please excuse the stripe of sunshine projecting diagonally across the bottom--it was sunny today!)
By the end of the day, I'd layered some different colors in the fields, made the trees more cranberry (I even opened a new package of craisins to see that color and googled "cranberries" with images to see the color she was hoping for.) Add some chinese orange #90 sennelier to the shadows, more color strokes in the grasses in the foreground, some middle purple to the shadow side of the mountains, strengthening the color of the sunny side of the farthest building, and I think the piece works. I haven't yet emailed to the client as I want to look at it and photograph it in the morning to be sure I don't want to change anything else.


  1. Do like your second one LOTS better. If she doesn't take it that way you can at least market it as your style far better.

    I think that is one of the reasons I shy away from commissions. I did a zebra mask for a woman once that was in pinks. Boy, did not work. She loved it but I almost wanted to tell her to not say I did it.

    Glad to hear you also stare at paintings for a while before deciding they are done. I find this happens more with me on bigger formats and newer subjects.

  2. I like it and as you know I am never wrong about anything!


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