Friday, February 19, 2010

Ghost of a Church-Haunted by Commissions

This is all I accomplished on a new 18 by 24 piece today. I think it will be a good piece but I didn't get to put in the hours I would have liked today. Wanna know why? Well, if you don't want to read any WHINING--come back tomorrow.

Both of my last commissions have actually painted themselves. My clients have been joys to work with. Subject matter within my realm. All great. EXCEPT: I had to order a special size panel and a special sized frame. When I got the frame it was in pieces. I had to put it together. I didn't know that it would come that way but, because it was larger than other frames I've ordered from them, they send them RTA. Guess what? The corners weren't absolutely perfect. So, I had to fill the corners with wood filler and then repaint the entire frame. And it will need a second coat. I'm feeling really lucky that I checked to make sure he panel fit into the frame before I started painting. So, with that in hand, I thought I should get going on framing the other commission piece. I'd picked up the frame and the mat from my frame guy in Taos and picked up the glass at the glass shop before I left for Rees' mom's funeral. I cut the backerboard, slipped it into the frame and it fit great. But the mat was too big! Same guy cutting it as making the frame--you'd think he would have checked to make sure it fit. Nope. So, I got a new razor blade out to trim the edges and cut myself--just a nick but when dealing with one of a kind mats you've got to be careful. I couldn't find my new bandaids so I taped up the finger with tape. It held. Then, I went to hinge the piece to the mat. Only some of the grease from an oil stick I used in the sky made my hinging tape not stick. I knew I'd recently seen some special art-savers things that you can use to frame paper pieces. But, could I find it? No way! Took an hour or so before I did. Positive on this, I actually tidied up as I looked and studio is in a lot better shape than it was this morning. BTW, the little devil artsavers were hidden in an unmarked box of extraneous framing supplies. Then, when I did actually track down the art-savers I realized the overlap of the paper wasn't large enough for this to be a good way to go. I did manage to cut them down so they would work but it was an entirely inefficient way to work. At that point, I figured I better call it a day. I'll finish framing that tomorrow. Again, commissions, or more accurately, special sized commissions take more work! (Thanks for letting me rant! I feel better now.) And it is Friday. Thankfully!

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