Saturday, February 6, 2010

From the bottom up

I think people are creatures of pattern and repetition. I don't know why but I usually paint the skies into my pieces first. It must have started before I worked on an easel and didn't want to smear the piece as I worked on it on a desk. And, so, that is how I do it. Period. Sky first. Always. But, not this time. I changed up the formula! See, in this case, I wasn't sure if the red sky I had originally planned was going to work with the extra foliage and mountains behind. So, I just left the sky blank until I'd done the rest of the piece. It felt weird! I kept looking up and thinking something wasn't right. But, when I completed the bottom of the piece, I realized that red, in fact, was not the right color and that the piece needed the New Mexico blue sky (the photo sort of dulls the actual color). So I added that in. And it worked! Yeah!

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  1. I always do my skies first too. But then working in liquid watercolor I pour or float them and it isn't until I know how they are going to turn out that I know what the colors are I am going to use on the subject.

    I then do the foreground so no paint has to go right up next to the wet sky. We all have our routines and our reasons for them.


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