Monday, February 8, 2010


This is a large panel. And, I think I finished it today. It is, however, still sitting on the easel, waiting for me to look at it tomorrow morning. Between varnishing panels I finished in January (and there were a good number) , feeding myself (Rees is out of town), and shoveling the 18 or so inches of snow we got here (I've got a semi- circular drive), I've been working on this piece for days. And usually my dusk skies are faster than the others. I was trying to incorporate some of the loose-ness that I got out of the bottom part of the commission piece--and I think I mostly succeeded. Only I did have to go back in and add more grasses as the feeling this morning was that it looked messy. Oh, and for those who were following the commission saga--SHE LOVED IT! I'll get back in the saddle tomorrow--provided we don't get too much more snow!

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