Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Variety--The Spice of Life

Yesterday I posted some images of a wandering river. I had fun working on those pieces. But, by today I wanted to change up the colors a bit. I'm terribly disappointed with the colors that came out in the photos but I like the actual pieces--remind me that I can't take pics in the dark with the studio lights--it just doesn't work. I don't know if the river thing will turn into a series or not, but I do enjoy trying something a little different!


  1. I especially like number three. Do tell me these are little paintings. Or that you have been working on them for days and just gotten around to photographing them? Your production rate astounds me.

    It is always nice to work on something new. Especially when snowed in and surrounded by only white.

  2. Now I know why the subtler colors just aren't doing it for me. It is the overall balance with all the da-- white outside! (They are 8 by 8 panels and I did put in a very long day and the dog only got a short walk.)


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