Friday, March 5, 2010

New Mexico & Degrees of Separation

How about that? I found someone else as enchanted with New Mexico as I am. Only she writes about it instead of painting it. Thanks, facebook and Steve, for leading me to Alice Lundy Blum's poem, New Mexico Mind in Minnesota Winter.

New Mexico Mind In Minnesota Winter

How many days can one go without sunshine
and not call the season itself a disorder?
I miss chorizo and “hola,”
Seasons not so sudden,
Sunsets that speak Southwest,
Blue skies and cool nights,
Green chile on cheeseburgers,
Lime on beers,
Chips and salsa
Like salt and pepper
On tables.
Ristras on doorways,
Pinons sold on roadsides,
Dogs off leashes,
Mexican blankets,
Canyons that echo,
Mesas that mend
My soul.

Yesterday, my friend Steve sent me & his other facebook friends a link to a magazine (Haute Dish) that had published some of his photos, then he let me know about a poem that was published in the same issue. I loved it! Through facebook, Alice Lundy Blum agreed to my adding her poem to the blog. I don't know where she grew up in northern NM but she remembers the right things--plus she has two labs, always a good sign. I wanna meet her.

Alice Lundy Blum*
Alice Lundy Blum
has masqueraded as a successful salesperson for over 20 years, selling everything from encyclopedias to diamonds, while pursuing her passion for writing behind closed doors. She earned her B.A. in Creative Writing and is working on her M.S. in Technical Communication, both at Metro State. She grew up in the mountains of northern New Mexico and now resides in Apple Valley, Minn. with her husband, Tom, and two black labs, Cassie and Phoenix.

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