Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little of This--A Little of That

I'm liking the barn piece at the top. I finished it today. I worked out a different way to work in my turquoise sky--much more consistent than my other attempts. So, for this, I was happy. But, overall, today was one of those painting days where things just didn't work easily. Still, I plodded along. And, while I'm not going to show you the other piece I finished (just in case it is the one you like the bestest), the piece is decent. Just a slight bit under expectations. Whether I should frame it and show it or not, I haven't yet decided.

But, I always finish pieces. I never throw them away half finished. My reasoning is simple. If I finish it, I may find a solution to a problem that I may encounter on another piece--and be totally prepared for that issue. Which brings me to an idea I've mean mulling over. I'm thinking that maybe I should do an art tip of the day on the days when I actually post. I would love some feedback on this idea. Worth pursuing or not? I think I may try it, at least until I run out of ideas. And, of course, I'd welcome other people's ideas/tips as well. Even artists like Elisa Ann Lindstrom, who so kindly nominated me for the blogger sunshine award and I blew it off because it was too technically challenging for me!

On a totally unrelated note, these were my companions for the studio today. JuneBug and her 2 buddies, Olive and Josie. After a good walk, they all quieted down nicely. Too bad I can't blame them for my lousy painting day!


  1. I agree about finishing the piece. I love finishing a piece when there were a lot of challenges than when it was a problem free piece.

    I think doing a tip a day (or a week or whatever works best for you) is a great idea. I wouldn't worry about being technically advanced - I think your blog is great.

  2. I think maybe tip of the week may be manageable!

  3. Love the painting, love the dogs, and think tip of the week (daily is too hard) is a great idea.


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