Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Music and Long Skinnies

I've been working on long skinny pieces the last few days--7 by 23 that I put in 12 by 28 frames. Happy with the art--just not the photos! But, on a much more important note: MUSIC!
An amazon box arrived yesterday with goodies--books, music and a new drill set for my studio. And it is Rees' birthday next week, not mine. So, I listened to most of the new stuff today. Here's my report card:
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses Roadhouse Sun --B
Ryan Bingham Mescolito--A
Dave Rawlings Machine: a friend of a friend (Gillian Welsh's husband and co-writer of a lot of her songs)--B-
Guy Clark Somedays the Song Writes You--B
Justin Townes Earle The Good Life--A , maybe even A+ He may be even better than his dad, although not better than his middle namesake.
Joe Pug--Messenger A! ( I don't know anything about this guy only Rees says he is from/.works out of Chicago--for those of you nearby Chi-Town.
Still have Lyle Lovett's Natural Forces to listen to tomorrow. Thanks, Rees! They are all worthy of being uploaded to my ipod! And, in a fit of brilliance, Rees looked up where Hayes Carll is playing. Looks like we'll get to see him in Spring,TX when we are there for the Woodlands show--on Saturday night at the Crawfish Festival. And, if I get into the San Antonio show, then at Flores Country store on the Friday night before the show in Helotes! Life is Good!

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  1. Bingham is the man! Crawfish festival in Spring is always fun too! Floore's Country Store IS AWESOME! The JTE album is good as well. Sounds like you could be a guest blogger for me in the upcoming weeks!


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