Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I realize that my complaints about our snowfall have surpassed most people's tolerance for such whining. But, since we got another 10 inches today and it is still so white out there (oh, how I wish for my deep blue, New Mexico sky!), I scrapped what I had planned today and worked on some more small 5 by 7 pieces on panel. The photos aren't super. The skylight was covered again and day was fading as I photographed. But they were bright. And fun to do.

And, as for the whining, we do leave in 2 weeks for a bunch of Texas shows, where hopefully it won't be snowing. And, then I'll quit my complaints about the white stuff. Promise.


  1. I would like the top photo please - all 9 framed together just like that. So pretty!

  2. Gorgeous work Jennifer! If you were to select your favorite colors, what would your typical palette be?

    Best wishes for your upcoming shows!
    Lori Z

  3. K8--I sort of liked 'em together too! But my plan was to frame them up separately! Lori---Thanks for the good wishes on the shows! Always helps to have that extra karma thing going. As for color palette, I don't really have a favorite. I guess the colors that most intrigue me are ones I've just figured out work together! And then there is sennelier 205, my very favorite spring green, and one I've managed to put in just about every piece I've done in the last year!


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