Sunday, November 21, 2010

Preparing for the Last Show of the Year

I've just sent Rees out to the studio so he can wire up the 30 odd pieces I have been framing over the last day and a half. The wires are his job. I assemble most all the other parts of the framing process. See, if I miss a JuneBug hair on a mat, then I can only get mad at myself. Not Rees. He's very good with this arrangement. Very good.

Framing is one of my least favorite parts of being a full-time artist. So I tend to wait until the last minute to do it. And, it is really faster if you do it in assembly line format. But, with the New Mexico Arts And Crafts Festival coming up this next weekend, I realize I've got a lot to do.

I've been exhibiting my art at the Angel Fire Visitors Center for the months of October, November and December --if you are in the area stop by!--and I need to take some of that inventory with me. But I don't want to leave the Center with empty walls for the Thanksgiving Holiday. So, I'll take some other pieces down there and switch the art out. This is always a tad problematic. I always bring way too much art to a show. Just in case. And, inevitably, if I leave a few pieces at home, then someone has spotted those pieces on the website and wants to see them. So, I've figured that if I've ended up leaving something up at the visitors center that someone wants, I'll just have to be willing to drive it back down to Albuquerque--and since I'm flying out of ABQ the following Saturday for a quick trip to Chicago, that really won't be so hard!

Then, the van has served for an extra storage space for the last month and a half. I've got to clear that out of excess junk. Then, boxing up all the art, charging my credit card machine, packing my clothes, etc...all the fun stuff. But, I'm looking forward to one more opportunity to put my art out there this year. I'm sorry, though, that I didn't have a few of the oils done to jury into the show with. I'd love to display some of them at the show. Only I appplied in the drawing category. So I really can't. Rats. Maybe next year!

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