Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playing with Oils

Rough sketch of Embudo
Thought I'd like the road and mountains to be about the same color. I was wrong.
So, I wiped out both the background mountains and the road.
Added more oranges to the mountains and made the road more blue. I think that worked better. Tomorrow maybe some highlights on the trees.

I'm enjoying the oils and have another one in the works. What surprises me is how working large seems easier than working small. This piece is 36 inches square on canvas.


  1. Given your artistic style I can see where oils would be better larger for you. Are you having any troubles with the "out-gasing" of oils and cleaners while working? I am really sensitive after college years. I am not sure I could even have an oil painting in my house.

  2. Jacqui--I'm using walnut oil and turpsol and water mixables for the most part. Really not too smelly. 'Course my studio is detached from my house so any lingering smells/fumes don't seep into the living area......

  3. Wow! looking good! I've got a little oil pastel landscape in the works. I'll show you it when I'm finished.


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