Thursday, November 4, 2010


Bug didn't like this outfit too much!
Here's the side view. She's too big to actually tie the cape thing on! But her collar and Izzy's socks go nicely!
Iowa, Interstate 80, December 26, 2009
We've been enjoying the beautiful fall weather these last couple of weeks. Temps in the 60s during the days and 20s and 30s at night. That is pretty ideal. Sunny. Fresh. Nice. Pinon in the air from the wood stoves. Crisp.

But, this is the time of year when I have to create the image for my holiday card. You know, that thing you send out to wish everyone a wonderful season. I always use an image of my art. And, I always wait until the last minute to come up with the image. And with all this balmy weather, snow scenes are not exactly what is on my mind! It is really tough to switch gears and remember purple and pink shadows on the snow that is really not very white at all--only highlights. And my photos just don't do the real stuff justice. But, I've got some ideas brewing--they just aren't there yet. Maybe someone could remind me that, when we do have a great snow fall, that I should get out the next day with my D90 and not my point and shoot and TAKE SOME PICTURES! And then work on next year's card right then and there. But, I tell myself that every year and I still don't do it. I'm thinking maybe I need a manager to keep me in line!

In any case, hopefully you won't be receiving a holiday card from me that is of JuneBug dressed as Santa or of the over turned cars we saw driving back to the midwest last winter. Wish me luck (and send any ideas you may have for the perfect holiday card!)

On a positive note, I've had two great painting days!


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I have been heads down in painting for the last holiday fair of the year and in trying to find even some of the forever (so it seems) lost images on my desktop.

    Given that it has been such a hideous year for me I am thinking of skipping the last days of 2010 and just sending a "thank god 2011 at last" New Year's card instead.

    Loved Bug in the Santa Suit. In all my years and all my dogs I have only had one that liked the dress up bit. Brandy was a ham!

  2. Jacqui--Maybe a "good Riddance" card for 2010? I think it would be appropriate!

  3. Gmail has been having issues so I just got back to this. Yes, I think you have something there. I will start working on it. And it doesn't have to go out until after Christmas. Sort of a New Year Card!


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