Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brushes have Arrived!

Yesterday a wonderful package arrived at the post office. Wrapped in brown kraft paper, with writing just a little different than what I'm used to seeing here in the states, was my box of new art brushes from Rosemary & Co. A small family business in west York, England, Rosemary and her small staff make these wonderful brushes--or so I'd been told. I had to try them for myself. And, since I never jump into things very slowly, I bought a bunch!!!! (See photo above.) And, while I've only had the chance to use 3 of them, THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!! Their shapes are perfect, the hairs the perfect length, they do not shed hair and they return to shape as they are supposed to. In fact, I even signed my name on a big piece yesterday and didn't have to agonize about each stroke. So, whether you are a novice painter or an expert professional one, give a hint this christmas season about wanting some of these brushes. They are not expensive (well, if you go kolinsky sable they aren't cheap--the most expensive hair out there). In fact, even the kolinskies are not expensive....And they are way better than a cheap set from an online art store. I'm so happy with my purchase (and overall, they were less expensive than the order form stated because they were shipped out of the UK!) I'll be posting some of my works done with the brushes as I go this winter. I hope you'll be pleased.
Check out her website!
She's got a facebook fan page too!

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  1. I didn't go as whole hog as you did. I hate to say it but after all these years of painting I am just beginning to develop a real preference for certain shapes, lengths and hairs as it were. Sable I generally find too soft and that is probably because I paint on a watercolor canvas rather than paper.

    They did have a couple shapes I had never tried and so I am sure that once I have test driven the ones I got I may be making a bigger order.


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