Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Over the river and "Through the Woods"...The title to today's piece. 12 by 12 image on paper in 21 by 21 frame $600

I'm pleased with the snow and actually used very little white in the piece..... Thought it an appropriate post for Turkey Day. We're off to Albuquerque for the show. I'm hoping the roads are good.

And, on a day of thanks, I'll give it. I'm thankful for my family, which includes the dog, JuneBug--maybe the best dog ever--and my friends, old and new. I'm thankful I found the perfect guy for me--handsome, funny, kind and very patient! (Thanks, Pat, for the introduction some 24 years ago.) I'm thankful for my "job". I'm thankful that I continue to have inspiration and ideas so plentiful I can't get them all down. I'm thankful for the beautiful place I live and the wonderful life I'm living.


  1. Stunning piece! I'm loving all those purples and blues! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! and best wishes for a successful show and safe journey.

  2. who is this guy and does Rees know about him?

    happy thanksgiving, wish we were with you! have a great show


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