Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breckenridge Art Show

I thought my outfit matched my neighbor's fish pretty well. Don't you?
My booth from one side.
This is it from the other side!
Last weekend, Rees & I headed to Breckenridge, CO, where we did another art show. Weather was good--if not threatening at times, neighbors nice, sales decent, and only a few hours from home. It is a show I'll do again. The promoters even used one of my images for their print advertising (but I'd sold the piece 2 weeks before in Angel Fire!) Tomorrow, off to Crested Butte. This time I hope to remember my camera cord, etc!!!


  1. And your neighbor didn't give you that fish?

  2. Hi Jennifer, I always loved the Breckenridge show, especially when it didn't hail! Your booth looks good. Missing the mountains here in MO.


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