Monday, July 26, 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox

I live around a lot of wildlife. We have bears and elk and mule deer and bobcats and coyotes go through our yard all the time. But we've seen very few fox in our neighborhood. Apparently they are more common up in Colorado (along with the reintroduced moose (I'm jealous!)). And they are not too bothered by was evidenced by their display at the Breckenridge art festival this past weekend!

These kits live below the abandoned barn/shed right next to the show(classified as a museum in Breckenridge to keep the taxes low!) They were quite a treat to see during the art show!

We never did see Mrs. Fox. At least I don't think we did. She must have been housekeeping under the barn! But her two kits were adorable. Totally unfazed by the commotion around them. Enjoying the sunshine and the fresh cool air. My booth was only a few yards from the barn and back "pasture" where they sunned themselves and I did take a few (too many) breaks to go see if they were out again! How fun!


  1. I bet she was out hunting to provide for those active two. Not easy feeding the kits in these rough economic times.

    Great pictures.

  2. my first year in Steamboat we saw a young moose a few times near our house. it was all gangly and clumsy looking - but very cool to see since they are so shy.


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